Value Creation

We pride ourselves on digging deeply into businesses to identify opportunities that others may not see.

Andrew SchoenthalPartner

  • Identifying value creation levers

    During the due diligence process, Harvest identifies key drivers of value creation including:

    • Business strategy improvements
    • Transformative acquisitions
    • Operational improvements
    • Management augmentations
  • Value Creation Blueprint (“VCB”) for success

    At the outset of an investment, Harvest works closely with management to create a plan for value creation which includes strategic positions, business optimization, and a review of executive and board level needs. During the course of Harvest’s investment the VCB is updated and modified to measure progress on milestones and key initiatives.

  • Ongoing interaction

    After closing, Harvest has extensive interaction with each portfolio company and its management team. This includes frequent, informal meetings and conversations as well as board meetings and other strategic planning sessions. In addition, we often provide assistance to portfolio companies for support on special projects or initiatives.

  • Experienced Board of Directors

    Harvest works with the management of each portfolio company to recruit an experienced board of directors that will provide management with strategic advice, industry perspective and access to relevant contacts. Portfolio company boards generally include three to four outside directors. These outside directors often serve as valuable resources and sounding boards for management teams as they navigate the evolution of their businesses and industries.