Partnering with Management

  • Active support

    A key characteristic of a prospective Harvest Partners investment is a requirement that the target company have an experienced and skilled management team. Harvest then actively partners with that team, offering strategic and operational guidance and identifying and developing opportunities for value creation and equity growth.

  • Expert resources and specialists

    In addition to its internal capabilities, Harvest has developed an extensive network of best-in-class improvement resources including operating, strategic and systems experts. Harvest leverages this network to engage these resources to support a management team in achieving specific value creation or operational initiatives.

  • Growth through acquisition

    Harvest has also been successful at creating value at portfolio companies by working closely with management to make acquisitions that expand or improve the addressable markets, product or service offerings or competitive positioning of each of its companies. For portfolio companies where acquisitions are identified as a value creation opportunity, Harvest will reserve follow-on capital to support this initiative.

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