Investment Philosophy

Ira KleinmanPartner
  • Capital preservation

    We believe that a balanced risk-return approach that emphasizes stable returns and capital preservation over “higher beta” transactions will provide greater and more consistent returns to our investors and the management teams that operate our businesses. The critical elements of the Firm’s approach to achieve its mission are:

    • Careful asset selection driven by a disciplined due diligence process
    • Proactive targeting of attractive industry sectors
    • Engagement of all professionals at every stage of the investment cycle
    • Developing and driving a value creation strategy
    • Proactive partnership with strong management to achieve a company’s full potential
    • Genuine commitment to the highest standards of business practices and ethics as reflected in our ESG Policy

    Harvest believes that its comprehensive investment approach enables us to recognize and capitalize on an investment’s upside while limiting losses.

  • Collaborative partnering

    We believe the foundation of any portfolio investment is its operating management. We do not manage businesses ourselves nor do we simply invest in business plans. We seek proven operators and managers with the skills and personal commitment to drive a company to succeed.

  • Judicious risk management

    Risk management and preservation of capital has always been a key objective. We achieve this through:

    • Our comprehensive investment approach
    • Conservative capital structures
    • Partnership with skilled management teams
    • Incorporation of Principles for Responsible Investment into our diligence and portfolio management processes
  • Discipline

    First and foremost, Harvest is a disciplined investor. For us, this means an unwavering focus on our core competencies and investment approach. We invest in middle market companies in our core areas of expertise and are steadfast in our return requirements throughout market cycles. We believe that this disciplined approach has been a primary driver of the firm’s success in achieving superior returns with low volatility.