Integrity Announces Employee Ownership Plan; Nearly $50 Million Paid Out to Employees


Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), the nation’s largest independent distributor of life and health insurance products, today announced the completion of a new Employee Ownership Plan. The plan provides meaningful ownership to all of Integrity’s eligible employees who have at least one year of tenure, at no cost to them.

This represents a plan for all of Integrity’s 750 employees from every level at more than 30 brands around the country. In addition, employees of newly-acquired businesses will also join the ownership program, giving everyone the opportunity to share in the combined success of the overall Integrity platform.

To celebrate the launch of this remarkable Employee Ownership Plan, the company has retroactively paid out almost $50 million to all employees in recognition of their contributions to Integrity’s success and to demonstrate the commitment to employee ownership at Integrity.

“Partnership is core to everything we do at Integrity. This is the most rewarding day of my career to now include all of our employees in the ownership of this amazing business we are building together every day,” said Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder & CEO of Integrity. “With this groundbreaking plan, our most valued stakeholders–our employees–can now become partners in our tremendous success with this great company. I’m proud to welcome all of our employees as partners at Integrity.”

Integrity Marketing Group has experienced significant growth the past three years, increasing earnings more than 800 percent to extend its leadership position in the insurance industry.

“I am so excited to work for a company that not only tells you they care, but demonstrates that care in their actions by committing to our success,” said Kendall Spence, Executive Assistant at Integrity. “It’s a huge honor to be a part of the ownership plan and I know I am in the right place with the right team at Integrity Marketing Group.”

“This Employee Ownership Plan is a game-changer for Integrity Marketing Group and the absolute best investment the Company can make to drive future success,” said Tom Schueth and Mike Wingate, Co-Founders and Managing Partners of Integrity. “We are taking an already engaged and motivated group of employees and supercharging their performance with the pride that comes from ownership.”

“The spirit of abundance at every level of Integrity is incredibly unique and inspiring, and that’s further proven by the commitment the Partners have shown to include everyone in the ownership of the company,” said Steve Young, Chairman of Integrity. “Integrity is the fastest growing business I’ve been associated with and we are happy to reward Integrity’s employees—the people who build this business every day—by enabling them to share in our growth potential just like Integrity Partners. It’s the right thing to do and a transformative experience for the entire company.”

“I would like to thank our investors, Harvest Partners and HGGC, for their continued partnership and support in making this dream a reality for our entire Integrity family,” added Adams. Read More