Approach to Investment Liquidity

Our approach to achieving liquidity on our investments is both flexible and collaborative, we seek to take advantage of attractive market dynamics when they exist and also to build consensus among all stakeholders, including owners, managers and employees to maximize the result for all.

Paige DalyPartner
  • Flexible timetable

    Our hold periods are influenced by multiple factors including prevailing market conditions, the state of the industry, and potential for future value creation. In addition, as patient investors, we allow each investment to mature at a natural pace. Our goal is to hold investments for three to seven years.

  • Multiple exit scenarios

    Before making an investment Harvest evaluates and assesses potential exit alternatives, including initial public offerings, M&A transactions and recapitalizations. During our investment period, Harvest monitors the activity in each of these markets and maintains contact with intermediaries and principals that are likely to fund or influence our exit. When attractive market dynamics exist, we evaluate exit scenarios with management and seek to maximize the result for all stakeholders.

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